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Simple One-Page Brochure Design Ideas

One and Two Page Brochure Designs
Single one-page brochure design vs. two-page double-sided brochure design

A single-page brochure or advertising flyer is one of the simplest tools you can use to promote your business. A good layout, colorful imagery and enticing information will encourage customers to learn more about your company. In this article we’ll explore ideas about how to easily create a one-page brochure as well as two-page brochures.

How to Create a Simple One-Page Brochure

The advantage of a simple, one-page brochure is that it’s easy to create and easy for customers to quickly grasp the information they need. Keep the content succinct and to the point. You can usually accomplish this on a one-sided 8.5×11 page. Here’s a simple list of the content you should include in your brochure:

  • Compelling Headline
  • Selling Points
  • Eye-catching Photos
  • Brief Description
  • Call to Action
  • Business Logo
  • Contact Information

Single-Page Brochure Design Examples:

Here are some examples of one-page brochure designs that can serve as a guide to help you create your own brochure. Instead of starting with a blank page, you might want to consider using a predesigned brochure template that you can customize with your own pictures, text, and logo. You can purchase premium brochure templates and download free brochure templates from StockLayouts.com.

Roofing Company One-Page Brochure Template

Roofing Company Single Page Brochure Template

Personal Banking One-Page Brochure Template

Personal Banking One Page Brochure Template

One-Page Company Brochure Template

Single Page Company Brochure Template

One-Page Medical Brochure Template

One Page Medical Brochure Template

Clean Energy Single-Page Brochure Template

Clean Energy Single Page Brochure Template

How to Create a Two-Page Brochure

Unlike one-page brochures, a two-page or doubled-sided brochure allows you to provide more information and to draw attention to your company’s services or products with multiple photos. Here’s a list of content you should consider including in your two-page brochure:

  • Catchy Title
  • Multiple Photos
  • Bulleted Selling Points
  • Descriptive Copy
  • Call to Action
  • Business Branding
  • Contact Information

Two-Page Brochure Design Examples:

Here are some good examples of doubled-sided brochure templates that you can use as a starting point for creating your own brochure:

Roofing Company Two-Page Brochure Template

Roofing Company Two Page Brochure Template

Personal Banking Two-Page Brochure Template

Personal Banking Two Page Brochure Template

Two-Page Company Brochure Template

Two Page Company Brochure Template

Two-Page Medical Brochure Template

Two Page Medical Brochure Template

Clean Energy Double-Sided Brochure Template

Clean Energy Double-Sided Brochure Template

Other Types of Brochure Formats

There are many other page formats that can be used to create brochures for your business. You may need a brochure catalog to include a lot of product information, or a tri-fold brochure or rack card to easily distribute through the mail or display in a stand. StockLayouts offers a variety of brochure design templates including brochure formats for:

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