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InDesign Newsletter Templates (2‑ and 4‑Page Printable Layouts)

InDesign Newsletter Template - 4-page Printable Layout

Newsletters are a great way to stay in touch. Whether you are connecting with customers, patients, members, or students, newsletters make it easy to share useful information and give your brand a marketing boost. You may want to consider a mix of printed and digital newsletters to reach a broader audience, depending on how they like to read. An easy way to create both is to design a printed newsletter and then convert or save the pages as a PDF. You can then send your completed newsletter PDF as an email attachment. Readers can either view the document online or print a hardcopy to read later.

InDesign Newsletter Templates by StockLayouts

To help you create a professional looking newsletter quickly, we have selected a few of the the most popular InDesign newsletter templates from the StockLayouts design library. We have also included a couple of free newsletter templates. Choose a creative layout that you can easily customize in Adobe InDesign and start sharing your important news.

Business Newsletter Template (2 Page, 11×17 Half Fold)

Business InDesign Newsletter Template

Use a company newsletter to share important information with your employees. This newsletter design is focused on human resources. However, you can customize the design by changing the title and the images to create a newsletter with an entirely different look.

Financial Newsletter Template (4 Page, 8.5×11)

Financial Services InDesign Newsletter Template

StockLayouts designed this newsletter template for a financial services company. As in the previous example, this template can be used for a variety of businesses. It consists of four uniquely designed pages, which are fully editable and ready to be customized with your own content. It is also available for download in Microsoft Word, Publisher and Apple Pages.

Medical Clinic Newsletter Template

Medical Clinic Newsletter Template Design

Customize this bold, eye-catching design to create your own unique newsletter. Simply download the 4-page, 8.5×11 newsletter template from StockLayouts.com and make your changes in Adobe InDesign.

College Newsletter Template

College Newsletter Template - Adobe InDesign

School newsletters are a great way to keep students, parents, and faculty up to date about the happenings on campus. This 2-page, tabloid size newsletter is designed to fold in half to an 8.5×11. Download and edit in any of the following file formats: Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Microsoft Word, Publisher, and Apple Pages.

Church Newsletter InDesign Template (4 Page, 8.5×11)

Church Newsletter InDesign Template

This colorful church newsletter would most certainly capture your congregation’s attention. Use this design to spread the good news about your church outreach, missions, and youth programs. This professionally designed template can be easily edited in Adobe InDesign, or the file format of your choice.

Non-Profit Organization Newsletter Template

Non Profit Newsletter Template - Adobe InDesign

Rally your volunteers and fundraisers while attracting new donors with this bold, colorful newsletter design. Download this printable newsletter template by StockLayouts and customize it in Adobe InDesign.

Real Estate Newsletter Template (4 Page, 8.5×11)

Real Estate Newsletter Template - Adobe InDesign

Marketing to your customers is essential if you want to be successful in real estate. What better way to stay in touch than with an informative newsletter? After designing your newsletter, print it and send it in the mail, or send an email with attached PDF.

Healthcare Newsletter Template (2 Page, 11×17)

Healthcare Newsletter Template - Adobe InDesign

A simple design with pleasing colors makes this InDesign newsletter template an easy choice. Download the layout and customize the colors and pictures to reflect your brand’s image. Simply change a couple of words to create your own newsletter title.

Community Newsletter InDesign Template

Community Newsletter InDesign Template

Keep your residents informed about all your community’s happenings with this eye-catching design. Download and customize the InDesign newsletter template, replacing the placeholder articles with your own.

Creative InDesign Newsletter Template (2 Page, 11×17)

Creative InDesign Newsletter Template

This whimsical design features colorful gradients in flowing shapes. Replace the pictures and placeholder text with your own photos and articles to create a unique newsletter for your business or organization.

Free InDesign Newsletter Templates

StockLayouts offers two different InDesign newsletter templates that can be downloaded for free. The newsletter templates are designed on two 11×17 (tabloid) pages, which fold in half to 8.5×11. The layouts include the photos and artwork displayed. To view the complete layouts, download and view the preview PDFs on StockLayouts.com.

Free Printable Newsletter Template

Free Printable InDesign Newsletter Template

Free Sample Business Newsletter Template

Free Sample Business InDesign Newsletter Template

More Newsletter Templates for InDesign

Browse the StockLayouts design library to find hundreds of high quality InDesign newsletter templates. You can also find quality newsletter templates at these websites:

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