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Make It Your Own – Start With a Template, Finish With a Design

We admit it. There are certain misconceptions that are associated with the word template. “Ah” you say, “I’ve used a few of those in my time and have never really been that thrilled with the outcome.” This comes from a history of poorly designed and badly executed “free” templates that have been making the rounds since the advent of computer software. Well, we are here to change all that and can honestly say you’ll never look at templates in the same light again, well StockLayouts templates that is.

Concerns we hear from our customers when they consider using a template for the first time are “If I use one of your templates; A. They are… well, templatized. How is it going to look unique to my purpose. B. Someone else will be using the same template and theirs will look just like mine, and C. I like the look of the template you have for the dentist that’s predominantly blue, but I’m doing financial services and the colors are red and gold.”

All of these are very worthy concerns, however if you were to have one of our Template Subscriptions that gives you access to a library of hundreds of designs containing photographs, illustrations, graphical shapes and logo icons you could create version upon version of unique layouts, even by using a few of your own photographs with your own color scheme you can still make this work just as successfully.

Examples of Customized TemplatesTo illustrate this point one of our designers stepped into your shoes and tried it for himself. We put the task to him to choose any brochure cover from our template library then strip the design down to its bare bones by removing all the photos, artwork, logos, messaging and color palette. Then we had him use only content from other brochures in our library to show how unique he could make the same template just by switching out the elements while keeping the integrity of the design and layout.

Well, we think these examples speak for themselves and show you that with a few keyboard commands and clicks of a mouse you can make a one-off piece of print design that started life as a… yes, you said it – a template.

Spot The Original

We used StockLayouts template for an interior designer (shown top left) and re-purposed it for a children’s daycare, a computer technician, a wedding planner, a construction company and a financial services company.

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