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Helpful Brochure Writing Tips

Brochure Design Writing Tips

A company’s brochure is usually the most important part of its marketing communication toolkit. No matter how great the product or service or how polished the sales team, a brochure that communicates well what the company does and how well it does it may determine whether or not a potential customer will decide to buy. While being brief and to the point, the brochure must also provide enough information about the product or service while conveying the right feeling about the company and the people who run it.

Grab the reader’s attention with a catchy message

Whether you’re using a provocative statement or simply a title, your cover must give the reader a compelling reason to open the brochure and read on. Remember, most people will only give your brochure a brief glance. Unless the title is engaging by itself, making a quote, like “A book is a garden carried in the pocket”, will capture the imagination and make the reader want to read on.
Attention-Getting Brochure Design

Keep the messaging simple throughout

Simple is better. Divide your copy up into easy-to-read sections with straightforward subheads. All headlines, graphics, photos and charts should have a purpose and not be obscure in meaning or included for reasons other than for conveying a simple message. If you feel moved to include a picture or clip art because it is cool, or you have a special attachment to it, remember to ask yourself  “does this help to inform the reader, or could it be hard to understand, or even irrelevant?”

Be bold, make a statement

If you can use one large photo to tell the story, instead of several smaller ones, your message will be more impactful and easier to understand. One picture of happy people using your product may be all that is needed.
Bold Brochure Design

Don’t forget the meat and potatoes

Keeping the message simple doesn’t mean to let it be shallow. Your brochure should have substance. If you’re impassioned by your product or service, you will want your reader to learn about its benefits, how one would go about using it, and how others have benefited from using it in the past. Consider including testimonials to add a real-life touch.

Include a call to action

Here’s where you go for the close. Rather than leaving the reader wondering what you’re asking for, ask them to take action – “Call today and change your life forever!”
Call to Action Brochure Design

Make it easy for the customer to contact you

Include the following: your company’s address, your toll-free and local phone numbers, email address, fax number and website address, list branch locations, dealers, distributors, and sales representatives, give directions, including a map, if you’re hard to find. Provide shipping and service information. Warranty information and guarantees.

Personalize it

If you plan to mail out your brochure in response to customer requests, you might want to accompany it with a personalized cover letter. Make sure the envelope gives the recipient a reason to open it by imprinting it with a statement like “Enclosed is the information you requested”.

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