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Classroom Newsletter Templates, Names & Ideas

Classroom Newsletter Template Masthead

Sharing information with parents and students is vital to maintaining good classroom communication. A regular, weekly or monthly classroom newsletter is a great way to disperse important news about learning, special events and activities. Consider including announcements of upcoming events such as class activities or an open house, reprints of informational articles, and reminders of class projects and special needs.

A good newsletter design layout will encourage your audience to read the content and help them navigate the information more easily. Whether you create a simple one-page newsletter or a more complex multi-page newsletter, remember to use white space and headings to draw attention to the articles. To make the newsletter more visually appealing, add a few interesting photos or clip art to the layout.

Classroom Newsletter Design Ideas & Examples

Get design ideas and inspiration from the many sample classroom newsletters offered by StockLayouts. These fully-editable classroom newsletter templates are available for download in the following file formats: Microsoft Word, Publisher, Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Apple Pages, QuarkXPress, and CorelDraw. A StockLayouts newsletter template will you give you a big head start making your own custom classroom newsletter. You can purchase premium newsletter templates or download free newsletter templates to make your job easier.

School Classroom Newsletter Template

School Classroom Newsletter Design Example

Teacher Classroom Newsletter Template

Teacher Classroom Newsletter Design Example

Elementary Classroom Newsletter Template

Elementary Classroom Newsletter Design Example

Kindergarten Classroom Newsletter Template

Kindergarten Classroom Newsletter Design Example

Daycare Classroom Newsletter Template

Daycare Classroom Newsletter Design Example

Preschool Classroom Newsletter Template

Preschool Classroom Newsletter Design Example

Childcare Classroom Newsletter Template

Childcare Classroom Newsletter Design Example

Grade School Classroom Newsletter Template

Grade School Classroom Newsletter Design Example

Special Education Classroom Newsletter Template

Special Education Classroom Newsletter Design Example

Creative Classroom Newsletter Template

Creative Classroom Newsletter Design Example

High School Classroom Newsletter Template

High School Classroom Newsletter Design Example

Classroom Newsletter Names & Titles

Here are a few newsletter name ideas to consider when creating your own unique title and masthead for your newsletter.

How to Make a Classroom Newsletter

Here’s a quick list of items to think about when creating your first classroom newsletter.

  1. Start with a design template as a framework
  2. Choose a newsletter name and create a custom masthead
  3. Add your articles and news, and pick your fonts
  4. Add your own images, clip art and school logo
  5. Choose colors that complement your school’s colors
  6. Print copies or create a digital version to distribute

Get more information about how to make a newsletter from StockLayouts.

StockLayouts Newsletter Templates

Browse our design library to find hundreds of customizable newsletter templates you can download and edit.

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