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Word Business Card Templates

Make a business card that will leave an impression with our professionally designed business card templates for Microsoft Word. Get a fast start with customizable page layouts complete with logos and artwork. Download now!

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Try before you buy!

Try one of our free business card templates for Microsoft Word to see how they work. Simply download a template, customize the design, and print!

How to make a business card using Word business card templates

Follow these easy steps to quickly format a business card using Microsoft Word.

1. Start with a design template

StockLayouts ready-made design templates provide an excellent starting point to help you create your own business card. Our designers have created thousands of layouts that are artistic and tailored for a wide selection of businesses. Search the design library for business card examples and download editable files for Microsoft Word.

2. Add your own images and logo

The professionally designed business card layouts come with high quality stock photos, original artwork and logo designs. You can choose to keep the photos and artwork or replace them with your own. Insert your own photos and clip art, or cut and paste from other StockLayouts templates to make a custom business card.

3. Add your own text and pick fonts

The layouts include text boxes filled with “Latin” placeholder text and suggested copy content for heads and subheads. Font, size, style and color of text has been carefully formatted and placed in the layout to make it easy to customize. To edit the placeholder text, simply select it and replace it with your own information to create a unique business card design.

4. Choose colors that suit your brand

To evoke just the right feeling, a perfect combination of colors is composed by our designers. The color palette is crafted to complement the photos and artwork included with each layout. Colors can be easily adjusted in the business card layout to create your own preferred color theme.

5. Print in-house or send it out

The layout files are carefully executed to meet exacting prepress standards and to ensure high-quality color output. When your business card design is complete, print it in-house on your own color printer, send it out for professional printing, or make PDFs to distribute online.

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