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Comprehensive List of Font Providers: Free & Premium Fonts

Font Provider Logos

Typography is a critical component of good graphic design. Some may even argue it is the most important design element aside from imagery. Finding the perfect font for your design project can be a difficult and costly undertaking. Fortunately, there are many font providers and pricing options available making it easier to create the perfect design. Use this list as a resource to search and download fonts online for your next project.

Premium Fonts

MyFonts www.myfonts.com
Monotype www.fonts.com
Adobe www.adobe.com
Emigre www.emigre.com
FontShop www.fontshop.com
House Industries www.houseindustries.com
FontHaus www.fonthaus.com
TypeNetwork www.typenetwork.com
Fontlab www.fontlab.com
DaFont www.dafont.com
Fontalicious www.fontalicious.com

Free Fonts

Font Squirrel www.fontsquirrel.com
Search Free Fonts www.searchfreefonts.com
UrbanFonts www.urbanfonts.com
1001 Free Fonts www.1001freefonts.com
FontSpace www.fontspace.com
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